What is NCBA Loop?

NCBA Loop is a fully digital banking service that helps you manage your money better anytime, anywhere. Loop offers convenient and affordable, full-banking services through mobile (Android & IOS) and web.

Welcome to a new and exciting world of banking!

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Get set up in minutes

Open your account in under 4 minutes and start transacting plus enjoy stress-free and secure banking using your fingerprint to login into your account. Read More…

Free Loop MasterCard

Swipe at your favorite stores, restaurants, fuel stations or any point of sale at no extra cost. You can also make your day to day online payments for free with your Loop Mastercard. The card is accepted in over 210 countries and territories across the world, you can be sure we have you covered anywhere, any time. Collect your Free MasterCard at any Loop store near you. Read More

Quick Loans without the hassle

Get a Personal Loan of up to KES.3 Million and an Overdraft of up to KES.100, 000 without any paperwork.  Read More…

Simplify paying your bills 

Loop makes it easy and seamless to pay your bills. For regular payments like rent, set up your debit orders and for utilities and other lifestyle, purchases use the Pay Bill feature. There is no need to move your money anywhere else, make all your payments through Loop.

Save towards a goal

Save towards your goals easily with the Loop Goals. Goals feature on Loop enables you to set a target and save towards it one step at a time Even better, Loop goals enables you to set up an auto-debit from your account for stress-free saving.

Invest in your future

Let your money work for you. Enjoy great returns; no stress no hassle with Loop Invest. Setting up is easy and it is all done through your phone. No need for complex paperwork or lengthy office visits. Simply log in, set up your investment, and watch your money grow.